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Nepal is a only one country in the world where is highest mountain, variuos geographical region, diffirent ethnic group, many more culture and best place for Himalayas holiday where you can do as your time prefer, interested places and physical fitness. You can do Trekking, Hiking, Peak Climbing, Sightseing Tours, Jungle Safari, River Rafting, Adventure Activities, Photo Tour in Nepal and will organize Tibet, India, Bhuta and Thailand.

Trekking in Himalayas

Trekking in Himalayas Nepal Himalayas is the best syllabus for Trekking, Tours and Climbing.

Trekking in Himalayas is the best syllabus for trekkers and is the most popular adventure sport. A large majority of the population live in the mountains on small farms on the hill sides. Life in these remote mountain villages has remained the same over the centuries.

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Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing Undisputed capital of Peak Climbing 'Nepal' your climbing an experience in Mt. Everest Coutnry

Nepal is the undisputed capital of Peak Climbing because it contains the highest mountain system in the world, which extends about 2400kms. The Himalayas are a chain of young fold mountains, bordered on the northwest by the Karakoram Hindu Kush ranges, on the north by the Tibetan Plateau, and on the south by the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

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Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal Hiking in Nepal is an activity that can appeal to anyone with a basic level of fitness/children group.

Hiking in Nepal is an activity that can appeal to anyone with a basic level of fitness. There are many different styles of trekking - the options are as diverse as the terrain of the Nepali Himalayas.
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Nepal Sightseeing Tours

Nepal Sightseeing Tours World heritage side cultural, historical, ethnicity and natural tours in Nepal with an experience guide.

Tours in Nepal because of top world heritage country and full of history, characteristic, fascinating carving art as well as different architecture so which is extraordinary views of Nepal tour andvariety of culture, historical, ethnicity as well as geographical landscape and highest Himalayas in the world.

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Jungle Safari Tours

Jungle Safari Tours Nepal National Parks and Wildlife Reserve tours to see one horn rhino and elephant safari.

Jungle Safari is a wonderful program for your holiday in Nepal. Due to tropical jungle of the Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat that can be found in Asia. A system of national park and reserves was set up in 1973 with aid from the United Nation Development Programme. The Rana rulers (1846-1950) had created hunting reserves.
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Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities Short and A wonderful exciting adventure in the Himalayas Nepal beside other trip.

Nepal is not only offers an abundant choice when it comes to trekking, but the option for other things to do is almost limitless. You can easily fill your spare days in Nepal seeking adventure by means different adventure activities. You can get out there and experience Nepal first hand by partaking in one of these amazing adventure activities.
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River Rafting

River Rafting Rafting in Nepal is popular adventure activities way of seeing Nepal and river from Himalayan glacier.

Rafting in Nepal is popular adventure activities way of seeing Nepal. While trekking is a good way of seeing the Himalayas, Rafting is an interesting way to see the Terai Region.The Rivers of Nepal rise in the Himalayas glacier
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Photo Travel in Nepal

Photo Travel in Nepal We are taking you different places of Nepal for Photography as your interest.

Photography Trekking, Photography Trek, Photo Travel in Nepal, Trek in Nepal

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