Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley Trek

Trip Highlights

Trip Route Ktm - Arughat - Machhakhola - Philim - Chumling - Mu Gumpa back to Rachen Gumpa - Chhekampark - Jagat - Arughat - Ktm
Max Altitude Mu Gumpa 3700mtrs
Trip Duration 16 days
Trip Grade 3
Lodging Tea House / Camping Trek
Meals Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Transportation Bus/Jeep
Communication Available
Group Size 2-10 PAX
Best Season Sep-Nov to March and April
Per Day Walk 4-5hours
Room Included Included
Tsum Valley Trek offer really traditional and remote trekking. It has been declared a non-violent conservation area and killing of animals is strictly prohibited. In Nepal tsum valley is an absolute highlight, with strong, friendly, hospitable people, a living Buddhist culture and untouched wildlife because of Buddhist prohibition on hunting. Tsum comes from the Tibetan word "Tsombo", which means vivid and we can agree that their unique culture has remained intact in this spectacular place.
Tsum Valley Trekkingleads up to the Budi Gandaki River and Manaslu trail through the wild and unexplored country of 'Tsumbas', which is mainly comprises the ethnic Gurung people. Tsum Valley Trek area has a long history of Buddhism, and is believed that the Buddhist saint Milarepa meditated in the caves among the mountains of Tsum. Some of the festivals observed in the region are, Lhosar, Dhacyhang, SakaDawa and Faning among many others. It also contains many monasteries, stupas, chortens and Mani (Prayer) walls - the longest wall being over 250 meters. After the village of Philim the trek crosses the New Bridge up to Lhokpa 1905mtrs (only one place to have lunch) which is the lowest point of Tsum Valley Trek. The highest point is Thapla Bhanjyang 5104mtrs, located on the Tibetan border, but the last place to spend a night is Mu Gompa 3700mtrs. The valley is surrounded by the Baudha Himal 6672mtrs and Himalchuli 7893mtrs in the West, Ganesh Himal range in the South and Sringi Himal 7161mtrs in the North.

Trip Outline

Day 00: Arrival in International Kathmandu 1300m.

Day 00:
Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing.

Day 01:
Kathmandu to Arughat Bazaar by Drive through Dhading.

Day 02:
Arughat - Arkhet Bazaar to Sotikhola.

Day 03:
Sotikhola - Labubesi to Machhakhola.

Day 04:
Machhakhola - Khanibesi to Dovan.

Day 05:
Dovan - Dulodunga - Jagat to Philim.

Day 06:
Chumling(first day entire Tsum Valley Region).

Day 07:
Chumling - Gowo to Chhekam park.

Day 08:
Mu Gompa (Last Camp of Tsum valley).

Day 09:
Extra explore day in Mu Gompa.

Day 10:
Trek Back to Rechen Gomba (Inside the Gumpa).

Day 11:
Rachen Gumpa to Dumje (Gomba).

Day 12:
Dumje - Lokpa to Philim.

Day 13:
Philim - Dovan toTatopani.

Day 14:
Tatopani - Machhakhola to Labu Besi.

Day 15:
Trek back to Arughat Bazaar.

Day 16:
Arughat Bazaar to Kathandu by Local Bus.

Service does not include

Trip Itinerary

Detail Itinerary

Day 00: Arrival in Nepal Airport 1350mtrs.
Warm Welcome to Mt. Everest 8848m Himalayas! We pick up you from Tribhuvan International Airport and drop you to home in Nepal where we had booked. After resting we come there to brief about our program.

Day 00: Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing 1350mtrs.
Half or Full day world Heritage sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley with an expert tour guide or Rest as well as Tsum valley trek trip preparation day.

Day 01: Kathmandu-Dhading to Arughat Bazaar 550mtrs/7-8 hours by Drive.
This morning we leave Kathmandu for our long trek to Manaslu. Drive by local bus to Arughat through the beautiful Nepalese countryside. Arughat is a small town in eastern Dhading and west of Gorkha district; explore the surrounding area and overnight near the Buri Gandaki River.

Day 02: Arughat Bazaar-Arkhet Bazaar to Sotikhola 710mtrs/ 5-6 hours.
The first day we cross the large metal suspension bridge and walk through Gurung, Magar and Newar villages on the lightly traveled vehicle road viewing the Buri Gandaki River. We will be following this valley to the ultimate source of the Buri Gandaki past beautiful waterfalls, where fields of wet rice, maize and millet are the main crops and sometimes we can see monkeys in the forest. After this place, we walk through Mangaltar, Arkhet Bazaar and continue to Kuerepani. We climb on stairs as the valley becomes wilder, prettier and narrower and descend to Soti Khola 710mtrs. We camp today near the Buri Gandaki River overnight at lodge.

Day 03: Sotikhola-Labubensi-Khanebensi to Machhakhola 869mtrs/ 5-6hours.
The trek begins through shady sal forests then climbs up and down for some time to Labubensi 884mtrs. Follow the Buri Gandaki river and through the Gurung village Khanibensi and continue up-river, sometimes climbing and at other times down in the jungle. Crossing near steep cliffs we have to be careful when walking this path. Sometimes it may be a problem of traffic with trekkers and donkeys where there is a very narrow trail.Safe Side” means give a turn to donkey if they are coming through from another side. Finally, we reach Machha Khola Gurung village near Fish River (Machha Khola) and Buri Gandaki. Overnight at lodge.

Day 04: Machha Khola-Khorla Bensi-Tatopani to Dovan 1070mtrs/4-5 hours.
The starting point crosses the Machha Khola then passes below large Gurung villages that are far above the track. We pass a few houses, like lower Khorla Bensi 960mtrs which was largely destroyed by huge rocks 22 years ago. Here they sell their own organic coffee. Continuing up and down over a couple of ridges to Tatopani (hot spring) 930mtrs where there are hot water spouts under the sheer cliff. Walk up the river to a ridge and cross Buri Gandaki on a rickety suspension bridge and arrive in Dovan 1070mtrs.Overnight at lodge.

Day 05: Dovan-Jagat-Sirdibas to Philim 1750mtrs/ 6-7hours.
After breakfast pass Thulo Dunga and Yaruphant and cross to the left bank of the Buri Gandaki. We will reach a neatly flagstoned Gurung village of Jagat, a place for Tibetan trade and checkpoint of The Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit. Leaving Jagat, after 10 minutes we cross the suspension bridge of the Dudha Pokhari Khola and walk slightly uphill to Salleri then walk through Nepali flat and gorgeous view of Sringi Himal 7161mtrs. We climb up and down to Sirdibas and cross a Buri Gandaki suspension bridge and climb up to Philim around 45 minutes. Overnight at lodge view of the Himalayas.

Day 06: Philim- Ekle Bhatti- Lokpa to Chumling 2386mtrs/ 7-8hours.
Leaving Philim we are walking mountain flat through Eklebhatti and continue through the forest for about an hour to the new bridge. Taking the left-hand trail across the suspension bridge will take you to Larke Pass on the Manaslu route. We stay to the right which takes us into lower Tsum Valley. The trail climbs up to tall pine trees and beautiful grasslands hugging the mountainside then reaches the gate of Tsum Valley in Lokpa. This is the lunch after that there no place to eat before Chumling, 3-4 hours up and down to Chumling. Overnight at lodge.

Day 07: Chumling-Renjam-Gho to Chhekam park 3031mtrs/ 6-7hours.
Crossing the suspension bridge at the corner of Chumling, the trail goes through small villages and the rich farming land of maize and potato as well as buckwheat. The houses are classic Tibetan with barricades of firewood and roof terraces along a mountainside trail until Renjam. We will cross the Sarpu Khola on a suspension bridge and climb up to Gho. Gho is the final place to have something to eat before we push up to Chhekampara. Some simple food is available here before we walk uphill to Chhekampara. After 2-3 hours you will reach the biggest village in Tsum Valley, and overnight at a simple lodge.

Day 08: Chhekam Park-Lamagaon-Chhule to Mu Gumpa 3700mtrs/ 7-8hours.
The trail leads lead us to explore the joined villages of Chhokang and Paro and climb North to a retreat where Lama Kongchog died after 26 years of meditation. His child reincarnation, found in the village, was subject of the award-winning DVD "Unmistaken child". Our trek leads to the East passing small villages and past a local school. Climb over a ridge of Chortens and past Lamagaon 3302mtrs through the flat fields, looking across the extensive crops and fast flowing river to the huge courtyard of the Rachen Gompa 320mtrs. This nunnery monastery is managed by the main Kathmandu Kapan Monastery. We can walk up to visit Milarepa Cave, one of the most sacred caves in the Tsum Valley. The great Buddhist Yogi Chyuchin Milarepa, the famous Tibetan saint, was believed to have meditated here. Again cross the Shiar Khola to the village of Phurbe 3251mtrs. Further up to Chhule and have lunch there and after that follow the Shiar Khola and take way to left and up to Mu Gompa. Overnight at the Monastery, Mu Gompa with Spectacular Mountains and valley view.

Day 09: Extra explore day.
This day we can day hike to Chhyosing Glacier, somewhere uphill of Mu Gompa and can also visit nunnery monastery Dhyphyudoma Gompa 4000mtrs. The area is home to fauna such as Blue sheep, Yaks, Naks, Chauris and the rare sighting of Pika all surrounded by high peaks.This day we can leave our things in your lodge and after breakfast, we can head on for the day hike. After the day's excursion, we return to our campsite at Mu Gompa. Overnight at Gompa 3700mtrs.

Day 10: Mu Gompa- Chhule-Pangdun to Rachen Gompa 3240mtrs/ 3-4 hours.
We return to our trek back through Yak grazing centre and cross the Phuchun Khola and following Shiar Khola to Chhule, Pangdun village passing through Chhortens, past crops fields then left to Rachen Gompa, heading back down the valley we arrive at Rachen Gompa, the biggest nunnery/monastery in the valley and houses nuns belonging to the Ngak-pa sect. Established in the year 1905 AD, The interiors of this monastery are richly painted with murals depicting Buddhism and its history as well as a brightly colorful carved throne and pillar, and a large prayer wheel and overnight at Rachen Gompa.

Day 11: Rachen Gompa-Lamagon-Chhekam Park-Gho to Dumje 2460mtrs/4-5 hours.
After breakfast, we head across the river to Lamagaon and walk down to Chhekampara on our previous trail for 2 hours. Continuing on a small gompa is reached at Gho 2485mtrs. Following the narrow trail to the left through the village and drop to a wooden bridge over the Shiar Khola, cross the bridge to Dumje 2440mtrs. There are many small villages worth exploring along the way otherwise Dumje is also small with about eight houses and some adjoining cattle sheds. Here the way divides, one way to Gumba Lungdang (if you have time and interest you can visit there too) and one way can go back down and overnight at Dumje.

Day 12: Dumje-Ripchet-Lokpa - Eklebhatti to Philim 1570mtrs/ 6-7 hours.
The trek climbs up some deep gorges and shaky cantilever bridges to picturesque Ripchet village 2470mtrs. Take time to look around at this perched fertile valley of potatoes, barley and buckwheat with evocative Chortens in the field backed by pine forest. Downstairs to Ghumlung 2130mtrs to the river bank. After that ups and down again climb up a hill through pine and rhododendron forest to Lokpa 2240mtrs, a good place to have lunch. After lunch, we return the same way when we climbed up to Tsum. On the way down passing through grassland and pine forest to Ekle Bhatti then will reach Philim. Overnight at lodge.

Day 13: Philim-Salleri-Jagat-Dovan to Tatopani 870mtrs/ 6-7hours.
After breakfast, we trek from Philim to Tatopani where once again you may freshen up a little. These days is crossing through forests, fields, the villages of Salleri, Jagat and Dovan and have lunch in Dovan. After two weeks of trekking, I am sure your excitement will build knowing that you can visit this hot spring once more. Tatopani only has four or five houses with the majority being lodgings. Overnight at Tatopani.

Day 14: Tatopani-Khorla Bensi-Machha Khola to Labu Bensi 700mtrs/ 5-6 hours.
Today we cross villages on this side of the river passing through many terraced fields of crops grown by local villagers and walking past tropical waterfalls. Most of way following Buri Gandaki River and Gurung villages Khorla Bensi, Machha Khola where we will stop for lunch break then trek to Labu Bensi and overnight at lodge.

Day 15: Labu Bensi-Soti Khola - Arkhet Bazaar to Arughat Bazaar 608mtrs/ 6-7hours.
The last day of this trek is following Buri Gandaki River and different villages and walking on the road through Soti Khola, Arkhet Bazaar where we break for lunch. Then keep following Buri Gandaki River to Arughat Bazaar overnight at the lodge and relax the last night in mountains.

Day 16: Arughat Bazaar to Kathmandu by Drive 6-7hours.
This morning we leave to Kathmandu for our long drive on a gravel road by local bus to Kathmandu through the beautiful Nepalese countryside with crop fields and arrive in Kathmandu at your own booked hotel.

Package Services

Service includes
  • International Airport Pick Up and Drop Service.
  • 2 Nights Hotels in Kathmandu (before trek).
  • Full day Kathmandu valley sightseeing with the tour guide and private car.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees.
  • Bus Ticket to Arughat local bus.
  • Transportation along the trek.
  • Local Bus to Kathmandu from Arughat.
  • Drop to Hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Three meals a Day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along the trek with Tea or Coffee).
  • Lodge accommodation on the way (simple one).
  • An Experience Guide and Helper (carry luggage 2 trekkers 1 helper and including their salary, equipment, insurance, lodging and food)
  • Equipment; Down Jacket, Sleeping Bags, Rain Coat (after trek return).
  • Legal Documents (MCAP permit, Tsum Valley restricted area permit).
  • Some Dry Fruits.
  • Farewell Dinner.
Service does not include
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Cold drinks such as; Coke, Mineral Water, Beer etc.
  • Personal expenses (laundry, bar bill, telephone, extra helper, battery charge shower and boiled water).
  • Tips for guide and porters.

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